The Miles Davis album

The Miles Davis album In a Silent Way is essential in my book - chill grooves that are perfect for early mornings and late nights. It was the album where Miles went electric - drums aside, his trumpet is the only "live" instrument on the disc. (Electric keyboards, bass, and guitar are the rest.) This was way controversial at the time, surprisingly so in retrospect. But part of the controversy was that Miles and producer Teo Macero actually stitched the songs together from live jams in the studio - none of them were ever played as is. If you've never heard the album, you're missing out. It's unlike any other jazz I know.

I just got around to checking out The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions, a 3 CD box set from a couple years back. It has a ton of great stuff in the same vein as IASW, but the best bits are the unedited jams used for the original album. It's jarring to hear songs you know so well totally deconstructed, with familiar hooks in completely new contexts - almost like a remix in reverse. Tony Williams' classic hi-hat beat in "Shhh/Peaceful", for one, doesn't even start till almost halfway through the original take. The sessions not only stand on their own, but also are a testament to the studio wizardry that created the final product. A fascinating listen for any IASW fan.

Lyrics that makes me cry

Ever have a lyric stick in your head that seems to come from nowhere but somehow contains some relevance for your life at that moment? No, it's just me? What? I'm crazy? Well, I knew that anyways.

The lyric I just can't stop hearing over and over is from The Shins's "Gone For Good." It's the "I find a fatal flaw/in the logic of love/and go out of my head" part. The irony in this lyric is brilliant, as (in my opinion) love is a very illogical thing and any attempts to organize it into anything coherent are doomed to fail. But I know I seek to formalize love; crack the code. I suppose it would be better to just see the futility of this and "go out of my head."

Otherwise, I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what the rest of the lyrics mean in this tune.

"You love a sinking stone

That'll never elope

So get used to used to the lonesome

Girl, you must atone some

Don't leave me no phone number there..."