The Morrissey's run at the Apollo Theatre

So tonight marks the second night of Morrissey's run at the Apollo Theatre and the first time I'll get to see the man in action, after years of fandom. To be honest, I really lost track after Vauxhall and I. I used to listen to his earlier albums all the time though (the awful Kill Uncle aside), and I also of course love the Smiths. I actually discovered the Smiths by first exhausting BMG's catalog of Morrissey's solo material, which is a little strange in retrospect.

I've been warming up for the show with the Smiths' Complete Peel Sessions. The Smiths were brilliant on album, but I always heard the songwriting and lyrics as their strength, more so than the playing of the songs. But they cut loose on these Peel Sessions - especially on drums and bass - and bring an energy to the songs that takes them to new heights. A new harmonica intro on "Still Ill", the tumbling beats of "What Difference Does It Make?", a ferocious "Miserable Lie", it's all great stuff. The Smiths had been pretty dormant for me recently, but I credit these Peel Sessions for their revival. Look for them on the P2P's, as they don't seem to have been officially released.

Lollapalooza Festival

Looks like we may finally have an NYC date for the Pixies. The NY Times reviewed Coachella today, and they snuck in the following:

The reunion will continue; the Pixies are booked for New York at the Lollapalooza Festival on Aug. 17 at Randalls Island.

This is the first I've heard of it - very cool news, to say the least. (I do wish it'd be a headlining tour, somewhere other than Randall's Island, but I'm not complaining.)

As for Coachella reviews, ILM's got a much more informative thread going. It seems that the set times forced people to make some tough decisions (Pixies vs. LCD Soundsystem, Belle and Sebastian vs. Dizzee Rascal, etc.). Probably impossible to schedule these things, but still....